Estimated 270 Million Political Text Messages Requesting Donations Sent After November 3rd

NEW YORK, Nov. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — RoboKiller[1], the app that eliminates unwanted calls and texts, has identified continued large-scale efforts requesting campaign donations from Americans post-election. RoboKiller estimates that Americans received nearly 270 million political text messages from November 4th to November 9th from both Democrat and Republican entities seeking to influence the election.























RoboKiller estimates that Republican supporters sent over 216 million text messages to Americans between November 4th and November 9th, and while the volume of these political messages has decreased by 17% since November 3, these trends indicate that political text messages continue to be sent at high levels.

The majority of these text messages are related to the general election, with a number of the top messages referencing issues around “fraud” or calling on supporters to “fight back”. Below are the top text messages sent from the Republican supporters’ registered shortcodes since 11/4:

BREAKING: If EVERY Patriot chips in $10, President Trump will have what it takes to DEFEND the Election & WIN. 1000%-IMPACT LIVE. Donate NOW:[2]

BALLOT FRAUD ALERT. Democrats are BLOCKING our access to review ballots in Michigan. Stand with Pres. Trump & FIGHT BACK. CLAIM 1000%-IMPACT:[3]

Pres. Trump: Joe Biden & his media allies don’t want the TRUTH to be EXPOSED. I’m calling on YOU to help me FIGHT BACK! Donate for 1000%-IMPACT:[4]

Democrats appear to have significantly reduced their political texting efforts this week. RoboKiller has observed an estimated 65% daily decrease in total political text messages connected with the Democratic party in days following November 3rd. Total estimated political texts have dropped from an estimated 25 million political texts per day to less than 8.5 million texts per day.

Noteworthy of the Democratic political texts is a new focus on the runoff election for the two Georgia Senate seats. The majority of political text message traffic contains messaging seeking political contributions and/or encouraging voter turnout in the upcoming Senate elections.

Joe Biden is gonna be SO HAPPY!!! Donations are POURING IN to win the Georgia Runoffs for U.S. Senate. If we win both these races — Democrats win control of the Senate. McConnell is DONE. We need 100,000 donations this week to launch a massive Democratic Voter Turnout effort in Georgia — and cement the Senate Majority. Will you make a 350%-Matched donation NOW? -Stop Republicans

RoboKiller anticipates political text messages will continue to be widely used for the remainder of the 2020 election cycle. Due to our analysis of the widespread use of text messages this year, we foresee even greater use of text messaging as a political tool moving forward in future elections. RoboKiller urges Americans to follow these recommendations when managing the wanted or unwanted political messages they are still receiving:

  • Any political text message sent to you for the first time must provide an option to opt-out by replying “STOP” or “UNSUBSCRIBE”.
  • If you request to be removed from a list or to stop receiving political text messages, campaigns must abide by these requests. If you continue to be contacted by the campaign, you can report these messages to the FCC.
  • If you are interested in making further political donations, be sure to read the terms in the fine print to ensure your donation is going to where you intend it to.

More information regarding RoboKiller’s findings related to the trends and messages outlined above are available upon request.

About RoboKiller:

RoboKiller is one of the top iPhone utility apps in the US, helping users block over 500M telemarketers and robocalls from calling their phones. With over 5 billion robocalls made to US consumers each month, phone spam continues to be the #1 complaint to the FCC, driving hundreds of thousands of RoboKiller app downloads per month. RoboKiller, a Teltech brand, is a division of Mosaic Group, an IAC Company (NASDAQ: IAC).

RoboKiller employs an unbiased, anonymous machine-learning based approach to understand political message trends. The estimates above are based on RoboKiller’s proprietary data and user feedback and are for information purposes only. Robocall trends, text trends, and featured data are not a representation of any single political party, person, or organization’s campaign efforts.

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